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Nybrogatan 36 - 114 40 Stockholm 


For 11 years we have been selling high quality wine accessories, cork screws, wine glasses, decanters, champagne swords and 
wine racks for wine lovers all over Sweden. 

Sabre a champagne bottle using a champagne sword is a fun way to open a bottle of champagne.
You are guaranteed to succeed among the other party participants!

We have some of the best cork screws available on the market today.
Le Creuset - Pulltex- Laguiole en Aubrac - Boj - Murano

695 SEK
175 SEK
335 SEK
Laguiole köttkniv svart horn
5,970 SEK

We have many different champagne glasses including the popular Champagne glass
Grand Champagne from Lehmann and Riedels new serie called VITIS.
We also have some antique cut chrystal glasses

Does your company / association celebrate something big? Do you just need a nice wooden box?
We provide the perfect box for all needs.

Vinicase is a storage system that comes from Bourgogne in France.
It is made of concret and limestone from Comblanchien. The wine racks
can accomodate all types of bottles. Half bottles, Champagne bottles and
magnums will all fit. 


 Our steak knives and cutlery come from Honoré Durand, located in the village of Laguiole. The Durand family has its own blacksmith who process the steel. All our steak knives and cutlery are handmade, well balanced and guaranteed genuine.  Some of the products can we get in stock from Franace with in 5 days,
Call us at 08 - 661 19 30




Le Nez du Vin aromas is a great tool for learning To recognize and name all the aromas that you can smell in a glass of wine. Le Nez du Vin is available in four sizes divided into red grapes, White grapes, defective wines, and oak wood. The large box Contains 54 aromas and is the most complete box. It is unbelievably appreciated by sommeliers, wine lovers and anyone who wants to educate and get well on wines

                                        Decanter drying stick is a perfect way to get your decanter dryed.